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North-West Bali

the New Indonesian Kitesurfing Mecca?


The discovery!

Since my early days in Bali when I was still windsurfing I heard these stories about an area in the North West of Bali near the National Park of Menjangan where supposedly was really really windy!

Gilimanuk Kite Point

Studying the geographical maps my opinion and the one of few kiters friends was that in no way the South East wind would blow in that area;  also being so far nobody really could care less to go to check these rumors..

Then last summer (2012) the manager of a resort in the area decided to learn kitesurfing and kept telling us that close to his place on the North-West coast there was allot of wind!

Still we were no convince and could not give a crap ....

BUT our new local kitesurfer and good friend Iwan kept bothering us (to say it nicely!) and by July I decided to take the trip and go to check out the place..

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Satellite Image of the area

Sand Spit

Gilimanuk port upwind

Launching area
Ranger Station in background

Flat water paradise

Boosting over the sand spit
Crossing to Java!
Blue Lagoon?
Down wind view



After a very long 3,5 hours trip we arrive to the port in Menjangan Bay where we jumped on the boat to carry us to Iwan resort name Shorea Beach Resort right in the national.

As soon as we arrive I was quite surprise to see white caps in the bay between the 2 shores. How could it be! We are facing North and behind us there are hills but still the wind was blowing...


So quite puzzled we end our journey to the resort and just after lunch with all our kitesurfing gear ready we left to explore the area.

Listening to the stories of the local diving boat captain the first stop was at Menjangan island that is famous as a diving paradise.

He told us that the wind there was always very strong and really annoying for the snorkelers and boats carrying them.


It took us about 20 minutes boat ride to get to the island and during navigation I could feel a strong breeze but it was coming from the head land of the National park and was 100% off shore!

Menjangan island is about 700 meters from Bali coast and the wind was blowing strong but being just off the land it was really gusty accelerating over the high hill and not having enough space to build up consistency before hitting our spot.


I pumped up my 14m not sure of what to expect and launch in the gusty wind. It was like a rodeo trying to ride a crazy horse. Wind was so gusty from pretty much nothing to over 20 knots! So after few tacks I gave up and decide to get back to the beach already exhausted from trying to tame my kite..


Definitely not a good place for kitesurfing but what a spectacle the water! So clean and clear of an azure that is impossible to find in the rest of Bali. While riding I could see so many fish and corals in the pristine clear water! That was just incredible.

I for sure will be back for some diving there!


Then we move to another spot more inside the Bay that is been now named "Menjangan Bay Kite Beach". Is a nice white sandy beach  facing the port where you take the boat to go to the resort and the Island. The wind get pushed between 2 hills and come down with good power in the bay. As the beach is about 2 km from the main land the wind have enough space to build up consistency and become very nice and regular.

Beach is big enough for prepare and launch the kites, direction is perfect side shore and water in area is quite calm and deep right away. Surface is slightly choppy but become smoother in the lagoon just downwind of the launching area.

Tide here do not really affect the riding.


Next day the conditions where about the same and after a nice dive just in front of the resort me and Iwan took off with 2 motorbikes and went to explore the rest of the National Park looking for the magical spot where the wind would be coming from the perfect direction.

After 2 hours of riding in the jungle we finally arrived on the other side of the promontory to the point where the wind was again side shore and to our surprise we were just a mere 2 km downwind of the Gilimanuk Ferry terminal where people embark to cross to Java that was right in front of us with the Merapi volcano towering in all his majestic 2,500 meters.


A beautifull white sandy beach with a sand spit creating a super flat lagoon, clear & clean water with all different tones of blue and some strong wind!  We had no time that day but I promise myself to come back and kite there too.


And that I did just after few weeks when in Sanur the wind was already weakening.

Took some friends with me and finally got to Kited at what is now call "Gilimanuk Kite Point", woooowwww.....

I'm not a fan of flat water as I'm a wave junkie but here is sooo flat and the wind so strong that I still ad a ball with my twin tip jumping really high and trying some of the old freestyle moves.

Wind was 20+ knots and I was fully lit on my 9m, even in such strong wind the sand spit keep the water super smooth.

Java is right in front and I went almost to the other side taking on the channel that have some dangerous current.

Inside the bay instead is very safe as the wind is perfect side shore and due to the bay curving at worst case scenario you get push to the beach about 1 km downwind.

In very low tide there are some corals sticking out and the bay shrink so booties are still recommended..



Since then more friends have been there and always got good wind. Pretty much any day there is wind from the south quadrant the venturi effect betwen Bali and Java accelerate the air that here explode in all his power. When in south of Bali we get 10-12 knots here you can be sure to find 15 to 20 if not more. When in Sanur we get 20+ knots the TV news station report that the port of Gilimanuk is closed due to too much wind for the ferries to operate.

30+ knots are not uncommon here and still you will have super flat water for the first 300 meters from the beach.


After so many years of exploring Bali and most of Indonesia we were able to find 2 new spots that are very windy! For sure the windier so far in Bali..

Between May till even November is wind wind wind...

Unfortunately no waves and is very far from Sanur/Kuta & the others more tourist areas. You need to consider at lest 3,5 to 4 hours drive to get there.


Where to stay: There are many hotels in the Pemuteran area to choose from, pretty much for every pocket.

We really like the Shorea Beach Resort that is in the Menjangan Bay and nestled right in the national park. No cars, no roads just nature and incredible snorkeling/diving just in front of the Resort beach. Great food too.

Price around 110 US$ per night but our friend Iwan is offering special deals for kiters:

Web site:


Also they are building a camp by Menjangan Bay Kite Beach that should be ready for the beginning of the season.

Call Wild West Beach Camp, will offer simple bungalows accommodations and tends for nature lovers that want to be right where the action is. (more infos to follow soon!)


What to do: Off course all kinds of wind sports!

But the area is very famous for diving and snorkeling!

Menjangan Island Marine Park area is always been considered the best diving site of all Bali so even if there is no wind you will note get bored.

Also bird and animal watching, the National park is home to some wildlife. Monkeys, dears, boars are pretty much every where. We had them coming in front of our room all the time looking for food..


For more information's about the National Park and the area you can also check:



Hope you enjoy the story and to see you all in Bali.

Bye Jankie





Menjangan Bay

Kite Beach

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Satellite Image of the area

Kite Beach from Port

Getting closer

Launching area
Flat Water

Air style

Mangrove Lagoon