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Dear Friends, here you will find many images from the past! I try to put them in order and if you have been to Bali or you want to come I'm sure you will enjoy them as we do..

Have fun! Bye Jankie


Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2011 - Cabrinha Drifter

Hello friends,

this year the trip to Lakey coincide with the transition of kites that I use from Ozone to Cabrinha.

The CAB Drifter is an excellent choice for Waves and I'm very happy to use them. We had a good trip for both waves and wind. I add some pics from 2010 when I did not get enough images to make a gallery. You should be able to spot them!!!


Many thanks to Mommet for the photos. see album

Bali - Summer 2011 - keep going strong!

Hello friends,

here is a collection of pics from our summer season.

We had many friends passing and even some very famous persons!! I got picture with few ot them: Pete Cabrinha (no need presentation!) , Youri Zoon (Kitesurfing world champion 2011) and Reo Stevens (Cabrinha Wave Top rider).  


see album

Bali - Summer 2010 - A good season.

Hello friends,

here is a collection of pics from our summer season.

We had many friends passing by and I choose these pics to remember the good time in the water and outside. In the pics: Sky, crazy Gabi, Chris, Alan, Matteo on the windsurf and more.

Many thanks to our friend Mark Thorpe for the beautiful photos see album


To see more of his work go this home page!

Bali - Sanur May 2010 - Racing Mania...

Hello friends,

new year new toys.... 2010 will be the year of racing...

Everyone is going crazy for it! What can I say... I'm probably more crazy then anyone else.. Here is some pics from some of our training.

Me and Komang trying to kick each other butt!

Many thanks to our friend Lorenzo De Simone for the beautiful photossee album


To see more of his work go this home page!

Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2009 - Ozone Light XC

Hello friends,

another year is gone, after my annual trip to Lakey the kite season is definitely over... and we are already looking at the 2010 season!

October is not the good month in Sumbawa but still we got couple of good days!

With more and more years under our bells we can now confirm that the best months for Lakey for both swell and winds are August and September

Many thanks to Grommit for the photos. see album

Bali - Sanur - September 2009 - Ozone Zephyr 17m

Hello guys,

for the last week I have been testing the new Light Wind Kite from Ozone, the 17m Zephyr.

The kite is great and thanks to the low end I had a great day at Oka point, the outside reef of Sanur!

Wind was 8 to 12 knots from South that is very rare and makes the Waves there almost side shore..

The other kiter is Jonathan with a Light XC 14m.

Many thanks to Atsushi for the photos. see album

Bali - Canggu - July 2009

This year the wind is not really collaborating with us...

We had only few days but some were really memorable! This are picks from a July session at our home spot. Nice to have many friends in the water!!

Jonathan on the White Ozone, Gianpaolo on the White Bandit, Jerome on the White Best and of course me..

Many thanks to Pablo for the magnificent pictures!!!

see album

Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2008

Is nice to see the progression of riders and equipment true the years! 2008 was a good year for wind and waves.. I really love my new Jimmy Lewis 5'8 and the Ozone Light II, I felt confident and I pushed my limit... I hope that it does show!!!


see album

Robby Naish in Bali - August 2008

It was a huge surprise when one day Robby showed up at our beach in Canggu and share some wave with us.

Wow what a spectacle! The king is always the king....

After the session we rushed to meet him and all of us got photo taken with him!

Is was super friendly and took some time to talk with us.

Hope to have you here again....

see album

Bali - Canggu - 26 May 2008

The wind season is finally started and we had good conditions for the past week. Here are some of the latest picks from yesterday session. The windsurfer is Scott McKercher from Starboard doing some equipment testing in Bali. The kite I use is the new Peter Lynn Synergy (can't see much of it)...

Thanks to Margaretas Engstrom for the photos. 

see album

Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2007

As usual here we are showing you the latest images from the wave rider holly land, called "Sumbawa". Many thanks to our good friends photographers:

John Bilderback and Howie Choo.

see album

Bali - Canggu & Sanur 2007

Here is a selection of images from the summer 2007, the pictures were taken in various session both in Canggu (where you see waves) and in Sanur (flat water). There are also very rare images of a Ozone proto "Vision 13m", I was one of the few to have to test it. The photographer is my dad "Claudio Avancini".

see album

Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2006

Here is a selection of images from the year 2006 of various trips to Lakey between the months of September and October. Back then I was using a Peter Lynn Vortex. That was a great year! One of the best I can remember both for wind and swell...

see album

Bali - Canggu 2006

Here is a selection of images from the year 2006 in Canggu during the summer months between May to September. There are also few panoramic images that give an idea of how the spot looks like!!!

see album

Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2005

Here is a selection of images from the year 2005 of various trips to Lakey between the months of September and October. Back then I was using Peter Lynn Venom 1. We are going back with the years and most of us were still using mutant...

see album

Sumbawa - Lakey Peak 2004

This was the third year we went to Lakey Peak.

The group grow and my best friends Peter Ho and Alain Pons joined me there for some memorable time.

Finally we were kind of riding decently some of the amazing waves of this remote Indonesian Island.

see album

Big Air Madness Kite Competition - June 2003

Hello friends,

This is a blast from the past! In 2003 we organized a kitesurfing competition in Sanur Bali that passed to history... With more then 25 participants was a great success and we would like to keep it in our memory forever. You will see in the images some of the old friends that are still kiting today in Bali.

see album

Bali - Memoir of a kiter

Here we are at the real beginning!!!!

I made a collage of all the old photo I could find on my computer... From the first group photo of locals kitesurfer to friends that visited us and some real relics... Like my first time out on a wipika classic 8'5 or the first pictures on my Naish 11'5....


see album