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    The Making of Kite Beach... Sanur, December 2008

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Satellite Image of the area

Old Kite Beach

Finally a year long project is finish!

Kite Beach in Bali is now probably one of the best beaches in Asia to practice Kitesurfing.

Thanks to the investment of the Japanese government the beach is been extended and is now a whopping  300 meters long by 150 meters wide.

The edge of the beach is now so much closer to the channel between Sanur and Turtle Island that it makes much easier to kite in low tide...

What before was a 300 meters walk over wet sand and reef is now just a short stroll.


The beach extension is actually an effort in fighting beach erosion! The Japanese government together with the Indonesian government started this project about 4 years ago and was divided in few phases.

The one that took care of kite beach is the last one.

First they built waves breaker in Nusa Dua, Sanur and now also in Tuban (the beach next to the airport). Then they fill it with sand pumped from the ocean well off shore.


Kite beach purpose is to be a sand deposit in case that in future they will need more sand to refill more erosion. In the main time we rip the benefit!


Kite beach is located in what is also called Mertasari Beach, the name of the close by Indu Temple!

Is at the southern point of Sanur Beach. No hotels are too close so is an empty huge space with rarely any swimmer or beach goers there. PERFECT for US!!!

Now thanks to the Asian Beach Games they also built a big parking, toilette and showers.


So like a fable the stretch of beach that once we called Dirty Beach is now become a great Kite Beach...

You can see the images of the project in the going on the right side.. Just click on the thumbnail to increase the size of the picture.

The white sac near the water line are retainer and made of a kind of soft material that make it quite easy to walk over.


Hope you enjoy the story.

Bye Jankie


Preparing the site

The ship arrive!

Pumping the sand

Half way true..

Finishing touches